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Why Ipad Is Bad For Your Kids!

Normally, the emergence of new and high-end technological improvements has been a lot easier to manage for the youth than those people who are considerably older. As usual, trends and fashion begin and have a direct effect to the younger generations than they do http://www.androidsentral.com/category/games on the those were the days'people. Of course, it is utterly preposterous to deduce that our folks, aunts and uncles, or even grandparents are not granted this sense of virtuality. But let's not kid ourselves: being on the fad has been the deal among the youth.
Despite this fact, our dear folks must not be disgruntled. When it comes to choosing their child's gadget or other electronics, parents still have a lot to say. Yes! They are now more vigilant than ever. They must k now whether the child really needs that laptop, or he just wants to brag his pompous ass by waving his newly bought iPhone 4. An article posted on www.dealnews.com gives the parents some helpful insights into the sneaky move of their kids in buying the revolutionary product, the iPad. The article features some reasons why parents should second-guess an iPad purchase- especially if their kids are still in school.
Let me state the reasons here:
1. It's too expensive. Don't think that when you shell out hundreds of dollars in that Apple Store, there will no more on-going costs. You may stop your kid's wailing at the moment, but wait till his crying registers on the Richter Scale once he discovers the need for additional monthly wireless plans subscription.
2. Not the best choice for Note-Taking and Editing Documents. I know that the virtual keyboard is in, but some iPad users miss the personal tactile experience they get when they are typing long documents using a physical keyboard. When you need to do editing on a paper, you have to struggle with the difficult navigation of the cursor. And this aplikasi android gives you enough reason to get a headache. And this is where you will think that it is more convenient to work using a desktop computer rather than a tablet.
3. Too Distracting for your Learning Child. Did you know that the iTunes App Store has an average of 500,000 available applications? This can really be a thrill. And your child feels the same way too! Only this is the reason why he can't concentrate on his studies. Too many applications on the iPad mean too many distractions for your learning. Please reevaluate your priorities.
4. Portable and Lightweight = Accident Prone. Since Apple is so diligent in making all its machines thinner beyond words, you may enjoy its portability. But don't just put your full trust in your child; he could misplace it, or he could accidentally drop it. Also, he might forget that there is a 1.33 lb. tablet inside his bag when he smashes it in the face of his buddy. Oh, what's that grimace on your face?
5. A Risk of joining the Criminal Activity Index Statistics. Don't give them an iPad. They could be kidnapped or they could get killed for it. This means you would need ransom money or just buy the memorial package from http://www.androidsentral.com/category/news the insurance company. Don't buy them an iPad.
6. It's a Status Symbol. Lindsay Lohan has an iPad; Miley Cyrus has it, too. And Justin Beiber also owns one. As for me, I'd rather have a contented kid than one who is an ambitious iPad owner.
7. Own a fossil in just a few months. Purchase an iPad now, and with Apple's consistency on the release schedules of their devices, you may be surprised that what's in now may be a fossil later on. Unless you really want to be an antique collector or a paleontologist.
8. They would want a laptop sooner. Being too complacent is a blunder. Thought you already put an end to their outrageous whims? Sooner or later, they will complain about harder projects and more difficult homework, and only a laptop can save their lives. Pretty soon, they will need a better internet-surfing or document-making tool.
But if you are already whining about these reasons even before I started this rave, you can always save yourself from that rut. If what your child badly needs is a laptop, you can sell your iPad and use the money to purchase one.
Visit cashforipads.com and never let your kid be a menace to you!

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